The Process of CJ & The Urban Myth
I was approached by CJ Hendry and the agency doing this project to come up with a way to capture CJ's ode to the 50th anniversary of the PUMA Suede.
To celebrate 50 years of Puma, the woman, the myth, the legend, CJ Hendry is going to give viewers a detailed insight into her magical process of creating in solid gold and then drawing a pair of the re-released timeless Puma Suedes. 
During the preparation process, CJ will dip the iconic shoes into a bucket of gold paint, mimicking the plating process and creating a trophy worthy of any mantle, allowing the audience to assume that gold plating is ‘just that easy’. 
Once plated, the scene will be set with the phenomenon of throwing the golden shoes over power lines, a somewhat unexplained process that is a frequent sight in CJ’s chosen borough of Brooklyn. The somewhat unexplained urban myths that surround ‘shoefiti’
have baffled many and even led to a short BBC documentary with contributors from all over the globe.
The viewers will then have an opportunity to see the meticulous preparation that CJ goes through with her myriad of materials and tools before drawing her hyper-realistic images. Finally, the artist will reveal the finished artwork and the extreme detail that comes from her gifted hands, whilst justifying all the ‘fun’ that has been had in the overall process and creating something that is #foralltime.
This was featured across a lot of channels including;
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