Ben "Benny" Everden
Benny is the man behind the brands. He has an intuitive response to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable - whether he’s working with an irreverent surf brand from Australia or a conservative car company from Sweden. This out-of-the-box vision, paired with a solution-driven ‘never give up’ attitude, gives each aspect of his work something that people want to talk about.
One of the secrets to his success is how he shares his vision - through his lens. He’s lived many lives through those lens - pointed it at a wild array of people, from Thor to a bevy of Victoria’s Secret Models; uniquely captured the beauty of Peru, Abu Dhabi, Cuba, Portugal and almost literally, countless more locations.
He’s had many adventures beyond the camera - he’s dressed an international pop star for her wedding and made Magic Mike mimic Van Damme just to name a few. His way of observing and absorbing the world around him, plus his ability to provide a uniquely real interpretation, makes him the ideal person to capture all areas of life.

2019 Video Reel shot, directed and edited by Ben Everden

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